W. W. Hagerty Library

Library, Bookstore, Library
3300 Market St (at 33rd St.)
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 895-2750


  • Secret spot: computer lab in the back of the basement ! Best place to study!
  • Dont use the column outlets. They never work!
  • Back computer lab in basement is a hidden gem during finals week.
  • Huge library, good study spots :)
  • Check out the archives before you graduate. They have some amazing stuff.
  • You can check out a laptop for free at the reference desk for 3hrs before you have to renew it. They even have nice new macs!!
  • IF you ever sit on the 3rd floor bring a jacket or something really really warm because the vents are on full blast so u'll get cooooolllllllllldddddd really quickly, lose your focus and get nothing d
  • if you're checking out a reserve text book, remember your Prof name and the course!
  • Great places to study on the second floor.
  • The basement restrooms have been freshly renovated, including working hot water now.
  • Why are the bathrooms here worse than the ones at my high school gym?
  • A lot of great services for students at the reference desk: able to take out a laptop of your preference for 3hrs, a lot of textbooks on reserve, and generally the staff are just nice people!
  • Can't find the reference desk? Good! You shouldn't be able to anymore. It's now been moved into the circulation desk.
  • If there are no study rooms, you can always check out one of the Video Viewing Rooms at the Circ desk. 2 Hours of Quiet Studying :)
  • Can't find a book? If the library doesn't have it, ask at the desk if it's available through the Interlibrary Loan program. Still no luck? Try The Free Library of Philadelphia.
  • Too packed to study in? Check out the Learning Terrace underneath the Race Street Residences. It might be a hike, but it's worth it.
  • Forgot your headphones? You can checkout a pair from the circulation desk.
  • They also have headphones you can borrow kinda gross but sometimes this place is just way to noisy
  • I can just waltz in here anytime I want? Cool.
  • If using the bathrooms, don't bother with the paper towels. They're equipped with Dyson Airblades that are a lot faster.

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