36 Parkfield St
London, Greater London N1 0PS
+44 345 308 4620


  • Avoid the expensive snack counter and get a hot dog for a third of the price from the vendor outside. Or, better yet, go to a better cinema and eat real food.
  • The loo is disgusting.
  • When buying popcorn, get the 2 Kids meal... Decent popcorn amount, a drink AND Haribo! Which would otherwise set you back 10... Theres no sharing though which is kinda a bummer
  • Get your drinks and snacks from sainsburys before you go in.
  • Avoid on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at all costs! The place is a hellhole.
  • This place sucks. The staff are woeful, the place is filthy.
  • depends on the movie yanno
  • Not bad for a semi-central multiplex chain, and tickets on Mon/Tues are 7 pounds. Sainsburys and mini Waitrose across the street for snacks.
  • Snacks are extortionate, even by cinema standards.
  • Hate that you have to buy VIP seats in even a small theatre if you dont want the front or back rows.
  • Decent cinema within the shopping centre. Easy to find food and beverages outside before you go in and often not very busy. They do live opera screenings here!
  • Good cinema, comfortable seats
  • This cinema is good, but always smells a bit, especially around the lobby. There's lots of screens including 3D and Xtreme and also Ben & Jerrys.
  • This is a pretty grotty cinema. Everything works fine, but it feels run down.
  • Reserved seats are the norm (unlike the states) so no need to arrive early
  • Screens 1 and 9
  • Smelly movie theater
  • Never go for screen 10... it's on the ground floor and so small it reminds of your own room. Horrible experience
  • Go for the Vue Xtreme screenings if you can: much larger theatres than the standard small halls. No wifi, usually bad reception inside which can be a boon and a curse.
  • Bloody expensive. The price of popcorn etc is just ridiculous:(

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