Volleyball Beach

Volleyball Court
13105 Holmes Rd (E. Blue Ridge Blvd)
Kansas City, MO 64145
(816) 942-2820


  • I'm impressed with the facility, very nice place, awesome concept & layout:)
  • The music is awesome. And the aroma of fried food intoxicating. My kind of place.
  • Howard is nice.
  • They have a huge dome over their court for league volleyball over the winter. Great drink deals too!
  • Best sand, best teams, the most fun, PERIOD. And the best chemists behind the bar - order something and watch them work their magic!
  • Beach beer rocks!
  • The special says you get a shirt but they never brought it.
  • If you order a pitcher of water, the $1 they charge you goes in their tip jar. Don't give 'em an extra tip.

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