A Vino for Every Mood: Modern & Traditional Italian Red Wines from Tommasi

From www.blackdresstraveler.com by Wanda Mann
A Vino for Every Mood: Modern & Traditional Italian Red Wines from Tommasi

Just like musicians, artists, and fashion designers; certain winemakers have a style that captures my attention. Tommasi is one of those winemakers. From exquisite Amarone to superb Prosecco, each Tommasi wine that I've tasted has impressed me with its authenticity and elegance. The Tommasi family has been producing wine in Italy since 1902 and they have estates in various regions; including Valpolicella and Tuscany. If you're looking for a delicious red wine to warm up your winter nights and to pair with a home-cooked meal, here are two delicious sips from Tommasi. Cheers! 

IMG_3319Poggio al Tufo Rompicollo 2013 ($18)
An artful blend of Sangiovese (60%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), this modern beauty is produced at Tommasi's new project in Tuscany's coastal Maremma region. The grapes come from a single-vineyard site called Rompicollo and the wine is silky, juicy, and fruity. Vibrant flavors of cherries and red berries make this an elegant but unpretentious sip. A great match with pasta dishes.  


Tommasi Ripasso Valpolicella 2014 ($33)
Tommasi is renowned for their exceptional Amarone and their Ripasso Valpolicella simply would not exist without Amarone. This unique red wine is produced by fermenting Valpolicella wine for a second time with the grape skins that remain after the vinification of Amarone. The end result is a wonderful red wine that melds hints of Amarone's richness and spice with the freshness and vibrancy of Valpolicella. A truly delicious blend of Corvina Veronese (70%), Rondinella (25%), and Corvinone (5%), pair this vino with a delicious steak or hearty stew.  

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