VIDEO: The Perfect Fried Chicken Sandwich

From by Institute of Culinary Education
VIDEO: The Perfect Fried Chicken Sandwich


By James BriscioneDirector of Culinary Development, School of Culinary Arts 


The fried chicken sandwich, by law, may only contain bread, chicken, pickles and sauce. Never mind which law that is—the point is this: if you try to put anything more on my sandwich, we are going to have problems. With just four components to build it out, this sandwich is perfect in its simplicity, so each ingredient that goes into it better be perfect, too. Any missteps or half measures are going to stand out big time and completely throw off your chicken sandwich mojo.

fried chicken sandwich recipe

Now don’t worry, you have me to take you through it step by step. First, the sandwich components:


  1. The bun: Only a soft potato roll will do. Period.
  2. The pickles: Dill chips are really the way to go (but if you have another preference I won’t fight you on this one).
  3. The chicken: Fried, of course—but also brined.
  4. The sauce: It’s gotta be special.


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