VIDEO: Oreos Around the World

On Oreo's 100th birthday, The Daily Meal gets a look at some of their global offerings
Oreos Across the World

On Oreo's 100th birthday we get a look at some of their global offerings

Jane Bruce


The Daily Meal’s Ali Rosen and Jane Bruce fêted the centennial of the Oreo cookie with a globe-trotting taste test.

The chocolate cream-filled-sandwich cookies are available in more than 100 countries. Classic vanilla and newer flavors like chocolate and strawberry are available in the U.S. and abroad, and candy corn Oreos (with a two-tone orange and yellow interior) were introduced in a limited edition in early September at U.S. Target stores exclusively — but other regional flavors abound around the world, such as green tea in China and orange and blueberry in Indonesia.

"The classic black and white cookie is the same around the world," said Sheeba Philip, director of global Oreo business for Kraft Foods. "Where we add the local differentiation is with new flavors and new shapes and new forms and that’s based on basically local taste."

So whether you like to dunk classic Oreos in an ice cold glass of milk or opt to try vanilla and chocolate Oreos in Latin America, there is sure to be an Oreo you will like on your next travel adventure.