VIDEO: Herbivoracious Makes Lentil Salad

Watch as Michael Natkin creates this fresh, colorful salad with French lentils and avocado for a Latin American twist
Lentil Salad from Herbivoracious

A recipe to truly enjoy lentils

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Saving lentils from the drudgery of lentil soup, Michael Natkin, behind Herbivoracious, developed this French lentil salad recipe for a fresh take on the legumes.

Prefering French lentils, or green lentils, to the standard brown lentils, Natkin tosses these smaller, rounder versions with radishes, potatoes, cucumbers, red onions, parsley, lime juice, queso fresco, and of course some avocado. For another version, he writes, "You could just as easily use lemon instead of lime, feta instead of ranchero, add thyme and oregano, and call it Greek."

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