VIDEO: Football Entertaining at Home

When you can’t get to the stadium parking lot, host at home!
Football Party Tips

Marc Silverstein gives his tips for entertaining at home when it's game time

Whether it’s a regular game or a big game — like the Super Bowl —if you’re hosting a bash at home, you should be equipped and prepared. 

Marc Silverstein of On The Marc Media knows a thing or two about how to — we’re going to pun here — score a touchdown when hosting sports fans. It’s all about synchronizing and scheduling in accordance with the game, apparently. 

Here are Silverstein’s go-to tips for an ideal football extravaganza: 

• Get the grill going early; get the food ready ahead of time and lay out a lot of food. 

• "They’re going to come hungry," Silverstein says, so plan out your menu with the quarters: 

          o "They’ll eat at first and second quarter, and then they’ll break. At halftime, they’ll nosh a little bit more.         At the fourth quarter, they’ll be looking for dessert," he said.

• When guests offer to bring something, say yes! Less pressure! 

• In order to prep early, do small things to set up: cook ribs low and slow on the grill, set up your platters, and lay out your hors d'oeuvres.