VIDEO: Chef Steve Redzikowski Dishes on the Dining Scene in Boulder

The OAK at Fourteenth chef/owner shares his insight on dining in Colorado
Steve Redzikowski on Boulder's Dining Scene

The OAK at Fourteenth Chef gives his insights into what makes this Colorado town stand out

The Daily Meal’s video producer, Ali Rosen, caught up with the chef/owner of OAK at Fourteenth in Boulder, Colo., Steve Redzikowski, to talk about the best restaurants the town has to offer.

OAK at Fourteenth is a restaurant that highlights seasonal products using wood-fired cookery. "Colorado really can hold its own when it comes to sustainability, local sourcing, meats — obviously no fish, but with regards to meat and produce it can rival pretty much any place else. It’s pretty amazing," said Redzikowski.

With regards to the ways that the dining scene has developed and progressed in Boulder and Denver, Redzikowski explains, "I’m definitely seeing an increase in the amount of talent coming into Colorado now and a lot of fresh ideas, before (about five or 10 years ago) everyone would take someone else’s idea and just add a little something onto it. Now, there’s fresh new restaurant ideas, new concepts popping up, and there’s people coming from the East and West coasts to open up restaurants here."

When it comes to the way that fine dining is interpreted in Boulder, Redzikowski notes, "When I think of Colorado, I like to think of its rustic-ness. I wouldn’t feel as comfortable myself sitting in a tablecloth, white linen place in Colorado; it just really doesn’t fit the scene as much." He explains further, "At OAK we keep the music loud, we keep it really casual, but yet we try to bring in and source the best ingredients we can — so you can get the same ingredients you would find in a place with a white tablecloth."


Check back for more from chef Redzikowski on the best places to dine when you’re visiting Boulder.