VIDEO: Bruce Seidel Unveils 'Hungry,' a Food-Centric YouTube Channel

Watch play-by-play cooking and lifestyle videos featuring culinary experts
Bruce Seidel on new food-centric YouTube channel HUNGRY

We talk to the new channel's founder about his shift to online and what to expect

'Hungry' on YouTube
Ali Rosen

'Hungry' on YouTube

The Daily Meal's video producer, Ali Rosen, sat down with Bruce Seidel, founder of the new food-focused YouTube channel "Hungry" to discuss his latest creation.

Seidel describes the new channel as, "The place to come if you're totally food obsessed." After working at Food Network, he saw the future of digital food consumption leaning toward a greater online presence. "Online there are so many people looking for how to do things," he says. "And the great thing about online with cooking is that you can stop it and repeat it, you freeze the pictures and save them, so there are so many different and better ways to use the information than you can with television."

Seidel saw an opening in the niche market for cooking videos on YouTube and began curating this library of content to fill the gap. "The great thing about YouTube and being on 'Hungry' is that you can watch how to make a drink, you can watch how to grill something, you can watch how to make Indian food, so anything you want is there, and if it's not then tell us and we'll put it on," he says.

The stars of the videos on "Hungry" range from familiar personalities, like Duff Goldman and Chris Cosentino of Food Network, to up-and-coming chefs who haven't had their shot in the spotlight yet. "There's a whole new generation out there, and with a lot of these younger people that we're using, their whole prospectus about food is different," says Seidel. "It's all about creating community and bringing that together."

With regards to the future of "Hungry," Seidel sees the channel branching out into covering other lifestyle topics that are touched by food. "There's a whole lifestyle around food," he says. "We're getting into travel, we want to get into adventure — all the things that are working in the food space, but evolve it and look at a new, fresh perspective about it."