Victorian Decor and “The Beast Master” – The Baroness Bar

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Victorian Decor and “The Beast Master” – The Baroness Bar


When you walk into a bar and Victorian-themed décor stares back you, you get stoked. When you look at that bar’s menu and see an Ahi Tuna burger and another burger known as “The Beast Master”, you could potentially get very stoked. Baroness Bar—a small, glowing Victorian-themed spot in Long Island City— supplies hungry people like yourself with enough alcohol, burgers, and sides to leave you stumbling home with a stomach full of deliciousness.

When you stare at Baroness Bar’s menu, the dishes stare back mockingly. You have no clue what to order, and they know it. Fortunately for you, we exist. Order both the Ahi Tuna Burger and the Beast Master Burger (definitely the most epic burger name ever). The thick-cut Ahi Tuna sits atop a three-veggie slaw and wears a hearty dollop of mango-ginger chutney on top; three awesome flavors, one happy stomach. Now, prepare yourself for a burger so good it teeters on offensive. Enter The Beast Master: a 13-spice blended patty, pickled peppers, goat cheese and drizzled with a honey-molasses glaze. Whoa. The tangy goat cheese ties the sweet and savory ingredients together perfectly. And don’t forget this whole time you’re at a bar, so let’s up that BAC level, shall we?

Baroness Bar’s glowing red lights creates groovy ambiance. The bar runs the length of the room, and a huge picture of the Baroness herself watches over patrons as they chat. A few padded-benched tables sit opposite the bar. The open kitchen is a small nook in the back corner. A small elevated booth nestled in the back has Victorian furniture so you can feel historic while you drink. The bar also offers lessons on the French art of Sabrage, opening champagne bottles with a sword. Which is very badass.

Baroness Bar= #noBSfood & #noBSdrinks

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