Verbolten - Busch Gardens

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1 Busch Gardens Blvd
Williamsburg, VA 23185
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  • Look for multiple endings before the free fall drop in the Black Forest.
  • Best ride ever!! Watch out for the surprise drop near the end.
  • The line may be long and down to the bridge but it won't be longer than a hour before your on the ride.
  • Very much worth the wait!
  • Amazing ride!! Not what you may expect. If you know disney, it is kind of a mix between rock n' roller and twilight zone I recommend it to all!!!!
  • This ride is not for the faint of heart! Not at all what I was expecting! :( still shaking from the sudden drop at the end! :(
  • Nice ride. Some unexpected elements. However, the second launch can cause the back of the seat to hit your head and give you a headache.
  • Lines may be long but totally worth the wait
  • Don't read too many of the comments if its your first time, it will ruin the surprise!
  • You can watch videos of your ride at the end! Really cool!
  • If you have never ridden, you must!! It's Awesome...Love it:)
  • Ride the front then ride the back! Different feel to the ride
  • Total cool interior scenes. Plummet into Rhine river is not as cracked up as it was advertised. don't lean back if you can-it will bang your head. Still an amazing ride- not to be missed.
  • Great ride.....when working.
  • Don't forget to smile! We'll be recording your experience as you brave the Black Forest.
  • This ride is Awesome!! The back row is the best!
  • It's a great roller coaster, but pay attention to the line. It tells what this ride is really about.
  • Ride the front row at night. They turn on the headlights on the cars which makes for a pretty cool experience.
  • Worth the wait
  • Rides like a European coaster, over 3 mins of ride time.

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