Rock Club, Nightclub
881 Granville St. (at Smithe St.)
Vancouver, BC


  • The Grapes of Wrath are reuniting for their first show in 18 years at the Venue on Oct. 29.
  • Venue is a killer place for cheap concerts
  • Sucked! Mika was absolutely amazing! Coat check charged us 9 bucks!! Joke!!!! Then they cut Mika short, didnt let him encore! Ur a joke venue for artists!
  • Coat check is per item, very inconvenient
  • FYI: $4 coat check, $5 for bags.
  • The only thing this place has going for itself is the booking manager who manages to get great artists here. Overpriced drinks, slow lines, nasty washrooms, and tacky decor are the norm here. Blah
  • Great venue for live music. Bar staff are speedy and curious. See tommy or yani for a good time
  • Best light effects!
  • Don't come here: washroom sinks = broke, no towels 'cept for the guy asking for a tip, no drink specials & all girls are taken. Line up, cover & $5 coat check? = big time FAIL
  • Incredibly overpriced. $10.75 for a double vodka on a Monday night? No thanks.
  • Always fun but they should move that dumb huge island in the middle of the dance floor
  • Large dancefloor, with decent amount of sitting areas on the periphery.
  • Gala with my mareng sheryl
  • High Octane Sound System! It's definitely a feast for the eyes as well!
  • this place is awesome !
  • Amazing, i love venue, the music is amazing after midnight hits. Except it's very pricey and rude female bartenders
  • Venue Nightclub NYE 2014 at Venue Nightclub, Vancouver, BC, early @ Tuesday December 31 2013. Grab your tickets @
  • If you are a "party person" and don't mind paying an expensive cover and drinks inside... come it's a great nightclub!!
  • sucky for concerts. they cut the band off at 10pm for night club. sad state of entertainment. shame. support live music, not clubbing douchebags. #bye
  • Shits spensive here.

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