Venice Canals

Canal, Pedestrian Street/Plaza, Scenic Lookout
Dell Ave (at Howland Canal)
Venice, CA 90291


  • Perch nessuno parla italiano?
  • These real canals date from 1905 when tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney (yes, as in the street) dug them as part of a vast resort town he modeled after Venice, Italy.
  • Man-made canals built in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney as part of his Venice of America plan. Before 1929 the area was approximately three to four times as large as today. Perfect for a stroll or run
  • Get my sister to give you an architectural tour of the canals. Amazing place to spend an afternoon in Venice.
  • Disarmingly lovely and placid neighborhood in the midst of wild Venice. The houses and the interconnecting canals they perch on were built in 1905. Many residents have boats moored out front.
  • What a great place!! Nice view,cute homes, and quite. You'll find yourself walking for hours. A must visit in the area!
  • Worth a visit for a short stroll if your in the area... Would be cool to own one of these one day! Relaxed feel about the houses and on a sunny day it's a great visit to break up the crazy beaches
  • Love how every house is wildly different to the next. Best viewed at night.
  • Gets real foggy @ about 9pm-ish, come Winter time
  • Not as decked out for Xmas as I expected ..
  • Amazingly beautiful!
  • Very cute and quaint
  • Venice Market, West Third (original Farmer's Market)
  • Smoke a blunt on the rafts that's what I recomend : )
  • My college friend & I used to grab Jamaican food, drive over to the Canals, & sit on one of the bridges as we talked and bonded. Come to think of it... This would make a great date!
  • One of the most distinct places in LA, and also one of the best to stroll for a few hours. The houses' architecture is fascinating. Beware of marauding flocks of geese. They will snarl at you.
  • Walk the canals just after sunset. It's a different place! You can hear people enjoying wine and laughter. I know it sounds a bit cheezy but it's worth doing.
  • Lovely place to visit and dine al fresco with friends
  • Duck! Venice, @GoSantaMonica & @MarinaDelRey_CA folks can bike the Venice Canals & quack w/ the local birds ;)

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