Is Vegetarian Food Really Cruelty Free?

Vegetarians may not be saving as many animals as they thought

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Animals are killed in all types of food production, not just meat.

Going Vegetarian. Vegetarians choose to abstain from meat for many reasons, including health reasons, to protest the negative effects of meat production on the planet, and especially to prevent cruelty to animals.
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Effects on the Planet. Although raising animals for slaughter is bad for the environment, the fertilizers and pesticides used to produce fruit and vegetables can be just as bad.
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Animals Killed on Farms. When tilling the land, planting, and harvesting crops, heavy farm equipment displaces and kills small animals, like mice and squirrels.
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Cheese and Eggs. Although vegans choose to not eat any meat or animal by-products, some vegetarians do eat milk, cheese, and eggs. Commercial dairy cows and egg-laying hens are forced to produce milk and eggs at an unnatural speed and have significantly shorter life spans than they would otherwise.
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Choose Wisely. If you’re really concerned about you effect on animals lives, be aware of what you’re buying. Find and support farms that work to reduce the amount of animal cruelty.
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