This Vegan Blogger Makes Galaxy Doughnuts, Cheesecake, and Now Toast


Believe the hype: This vegan galactic toast tastes delicious, and it’s surprisingly nutritious, too!

When you're about as productive as a galaxy cracker Cashew cream cheese and black sesame gone wild Inspo thanks to Ma gal @talinegabriel

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Vegan chef Sam Murphy has hit one over the fences (and into outer space) again with her new, innovative toast creation. Behold the galactic toast! The internet is going crazy for it—and with good reason. It is, after all, one of the most photogenic breakfast items that we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Murphy has the Midas touch when it comes to vegan cooking and baking. She inspired our delicious sushi burger:

Sunday night plans: make this beautiful creation again! #PETAliving

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This isn’t her first time going “galactic,” either. Check out this jaw-dropping, dairy-free cheesecake:

..and from the side ❤️✨ Paddlepop x Galaxy vegan cheezecake So much fun making this! Thank you Georgie! Custom cheesecake orders: I have some more gorgeous #samscakeoff cakes coming tomorrow plus a yummy recipe from the book this week! Wahoo

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And these doughnuts—gasp!

These Galaxy cuties heading off into outerspace #vegan #donuts

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Are you seeing stars? We are.

Bored With Vegan Butter?

If so, Murphy has created an alternative spread that’s a simple mixture of vegan cashew cream cheese and black sesame paste. She then mixed different vegan food dyes together to create the out-of-this-world marbling. The popular vegan chef topped it all off with edible glitter and star sprinkles.

In case you don’t follow food trends, creative toasts have been on the scene for a hot minute. Murphy said hers was inspired by food stylist Taline Gabrielian of Hippie Lane fame, who created these toasted works of art:

Breakfast toasties ✨ Update your app & check your Insta faves x #hippielanecolours ps HL spoons are available for international orders ☆

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Compassionate Foodies

As more people learn of the cruel treatment of cows in the dairy industry, they’re turning toward plant-based foods that are better for their health, animals, and the environment. New dairy-free products—such as cheese (including cream cheese), yogurt, and milk—are rapidly filling store shelves to meet consumers’ demands.

Murphy knows the benefits of eating vegan and shares them in her new cookbook, Beautifully Real Food: Guilt-Free, Meat-Free Recipes to Indulge In. Try her mouthwatering recipes for spaghetti carbonara, “cheese” toasties, salted caramel brownies, cookie dough cereal, a vegan “Big Mac”, and so many other great dishes.

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