Other Dessert

The great dessert wines of the world, beyond the sweet versions of fortified sherry, port, and madeira, include the "noble rot"-affected sauternes of France; beerenausleses, trockenbeerenausleses, and eisweins of Germany; and tokaj of Hungary. Almost every wine-growing region in the world, though, produces sweet wines — some affected by beneficial noble rot, some merely vinified sweet, some fortified. The málaga of Spain, marsala and Sicilian muscats and picolit of Italy, Jurançon and sweet Loire wines of France, eisweins of Austria and Canada, all manner of sweet wines from Australia and the United States, and more offer a wondrous spectrum of flavors and aromas to accompany dessert or substitute for it.

Serve With

In general, very sweet dessert wines work best with desserts that aren't overly sweet, such as pound cake, cheesecake, nut-based tarts, and bitter chocolate cake; dried dessert wines are a good match for sweeter desserts, including those based on tropical fruits, cream-filled pastries, pecan or pumpkin pie, and liquid chocolate cake.