Van Andel Arena

Hockey, Music Venue
130 Fulton St E (at Ottawa Ave SW)
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 742-6600


  • Friday night Griffins games for $1 beers
  • Not only do the Griffins Games attract the college crowd, but the franchise offers a number of promotions and events for the families. An awesome time for everyone!
  • Watch out for drunk college girls in large groups. Easy to spot. Not dressed for a hockey game whatsoever, high pitched voices, and wasted after 2 beers.
  • Check in during Grand Rapids Griffins games to get special merchandise throughout the season!
  • The epicenter of Grand Rapids entertainment, this is home to the area's largest concerts. Perfect sound, lighting, and almost always a guaranteed good time.
  • Follow us on Facebook for offers, info and more!
  • Go to a Griffins game on Friday night for $2 beer / $2 hot dogs!
  • Love coming to Griffins hockey games! Seats are affordable and all the seats have a great view! Come on Friday nights for $2 beers and hot dogs.
  • Great place to see a concert!!!!
  • We are always taking applications. You can find them in the guard station, located just inside the employee entrance in the southeast corner of the arena.
  • The best speaker setup in Grand Rapids, expensive beer though. Make sure you get your buzz on before you go in!
  • Form actual lines for concessions & don't stop walking when on the concourse. Especially on busy nights. Use your brains a little.
  • Tip your concession stand volunteers. These donations directly proceed the non-profit organizations that the stand is being ran by!
  • buy your tickets online in advance to avoid insane lines at the door.
  • Friday Night Griffins Game, Dollar Beer & Dollar Dog
  • Concerts!! Literally no bad seats
  • Try the Vault!!
  • Get here real early for events, food servers take their sweet time.
  • Don't get the popcorn. There's no butter! I mean, yeah....what's the point?!
  • Get your Griffins news and highlights here ->

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