Vallco Shopping Mall

10123 N Wolfe Rd (at Stevens Creek Blvd.)
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 255-5660


  • Very empty, hardly any stores!!
  • No stores and no people. The escalator leads to nothingness.
  • Best thing they have is Coldstone & AMC
  • Ghost town--this mall SUCKS!
  • Wow, the style of this mall makes me feel like I just stepped back into the '80s.
  • The only good wi-fi I found was from Burger King in the food court :/
  • EMPTY!!! But they have Cinnabon & Mrs. Fields so hey!!
  • Great place to be alone.
  • Not great.. Go to valley fair
  • Strike a pose on the escalator!
  • No Verizon service anywhere in this mall!!!
  • Nice shopping and mall
  • This place has seen better days.
  • Always empty and never crowded. They barely have an restaurants @ the food court. I still go here once in a while for the movie theatre :-)
  • Just received some serious sucky customer service!
  • If u have small kids, this is a great place to have them walk around.
  • Come here if you hate crowds and desire a quiet shopping experience that lets you think!
  • In another decade, I would've suggested going to the space that now holds a bowling alley. It held one of my favorite arcades from my childhood: Tilt.
  • It's a dead mall. Come here only for movies.
  • unfortunately its dead mall. 80% of shops close as of may 2016.

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