V-Mall (Virra Mall)

Row 1

Greenhills Shopping Center (at Ortigas Ave & Connecticut St)
San Juan,

Foursquare Tips

  • For Apple and Mac best place to be is Digital Hub on the 4th level. PiPho and PhilMUG members gets a 10% discount
  • Iphone and ipod touch jailbreak is free. If they ask for money for it, ask for a refund. This is what the creator of the jailbreaking program stated. Go to google and search DevTeam.
  • Since you're here make sure to stop by the chapel and give thanks.
  • Keep your cellphone in your pocket, otherwise be ready for nonstop harassment from the local salespeople, lol.
  • electronics galore! remember to barter hard!!
  • Best place to find gadgets at a lower price than the malls
  • Get some hardnto find toys here!
  • Pass by food court and try Kenji chicken sandwich its very good..
  • Best deals from Abacus. They're on the 3rd floor.
  • Best mall for gadgets.
  • This is no SM or Landmark. They don't have it all here! Buy hey, it's still a cool place to hang-out! =)
  • Abacus... cheapest so far in terms of camera gadgets, HD movie gadgets, etc.
  • electronics haven! always check the latest gadgets here and ask fir the liwest price...
  • PC Shops in Gilmore can be cheaper as much as 5k when building a custom computer. 5k difference can be the diff from a mid-tier and a top-tier PC spec. Be very diligent!
  • Good place to buy computers and electronics, chicken tacos, and.Quickly. All on the 3rd floor.
  • Try BUGNAW fresh juices in 3F foodcourt! :) yum!
  • If you know someone who works here, you can get retail prices on mobile phones and phone accessories. :P
  • Go to Mr. Dynamic and purchase an R1 version of Final Fantasy XIII. Collectors Edition or the game itself only.
  • A lot of stores can be found here
  • Vmall is good for two things: gadgets and toys.