Urban Outfitters to Sell Booze Alongside Skinny Jeans

The clothing chain has reportedly applied for a liquor license

Imagine shopping while completely plastered.

Looks like even retail giants want to open a bar. The New York Daily News reports that mega clothing store Urban Outfitters (the chain dressing all the festival-goers during the summers) has applied for a liquor license in North Brooklyn.

Their new location, reportedly in hipsterville Williamsburg, is slated to open on North Sixth Street, a stretch that's home to plenty of bars for the Saturday night crowd. And while the chain hasn't responded to media requests about why they're applying for a liquor license, it seems like a bar-clothing hybrid is a possibility. But of course, as City Councilman Stephen Levine told the Daily News, "We must ask ourselves, 'Do we really want people drunk when they are buying their skinny jeans and ironic T-shirts?'"


Short answer: No. Remember drunk puppy buying? This will be like, drunk dress-shoes-skinny-jeans-that-don't-fit buying, and while that might be profitable for the store, it probably won't be too great for the folks waking up the next day with $200 worth of clothes on their credit card and a raging hangover. Easier to return than a puppy, but still a hassle.