New York Highway Covered in Rotting Mystery Meat

Nobody has stepped forward to claim responsibility for spoiled road meat

A New York highway was covered in smelly, rotting mystery meat.

A road in upstate New York was shut down for hours this weekend after it was mysteriously covered in disgusting rotting meat. The source of the meat has not been revealed, but commuters forced to drive through it say the smell has been persistent.

According to Gawker, people driving along Aviation Road in Queensbury, N.Y., found their noses assaulted Thursday by an appalling stench that came from rotting chunks of meat littering the road. State workers quickly cleaned up the meat, but that did not fix the stink, and several motorists say their cars still smell terrible.

"I immediately took my Toyota 4Runner to a car wash but it was too late," one resident said. "My vehicle still smells like rotting meat. Flies are swarming on my vehicle at my office."

Matt Phillips, the manager of a car wash near the meat spill, said his business saw at least 35 customers that day, and the smell was appalling.

"My guys had to step out for a while, it was so bad," he said.

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Police say they suspect the meat fell off a truck heading to a rendering plant, but nobody has come forward to accept responsibility.