Upright Brewing releases batch 4 Fantasia bottles

Upright Brewing releases batch 4 Fantasia bottles


It’s been a HUGE year for Peaches from the Peche Fest to The Commons Creme de Peche but atleast for me Upright Brewing’s Fantasia started the craze (though by no means the first Peach beer) and the annual limited release is this Friday January 2nd.

This is the fourth release of Fantasia and this batch blends two different vintages made with Peaches from both 2012 and 2013 harvests from Baird Family Orchards. Fantasia is a 100% barrel fermented beer with smashed fresh peaches added to the barrels along with wild yeasts and bacteria. After fermentation kicks up and blows some of the beer and peaches out of the top bungholes and then settles down the barrels are topped up with more beer to keep oxidation down. Fantasia is aged in a barrel for about a year before the multiple barrels are blended in tanks and bottled. After bottled they condition for months in Upright Brewing’s warm room until the brewers think they are tasting right and carbonation levels are optimum.

This year due to a slightly larger batch there will be a 3 bottle limit at $20 a bottle for sale at the Tasting Room this Friday January 2nd beginning at 430 and the bottles are anticipated lasting throughout the whole weekend.

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