Updating the Brown-Bag Lunch

The chef of New York City’s Chelsea's Table, David Seigal, shares healthy and delicious back-to-school recipes

Kids love couscous because it's delicious, and parents love it because it's easy; a win-win for both parties.

It’s Monday morning, and as the kids are getting ready for school, you’re wondering what to pack inside their brown-bag lunch. We’ve all had that problem, where lack of inspiration and healthy options leave us scrambling to put something together that not only tastes good but is nutritious as well. Thankfully, some of our country’s leading chefs prove to be a great source for new and exciting lunch recipes. Because they work with new ingredients and develop recipes regularly, chefs are a well of information for ways to make sure your kids’ lunchbox will be empty at the end of the day.

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Chelsea’s Table, which made its debut in late April of this year in New York City, prides itself on healthy eating. Started by Gary Hirshberg, founder of Stonyfield Farm Organics, Chelsea’s Table is a continuation of Stonyfield’s mission statement, and serves a seasonal menu that offers freshly baked goods and dishes that are created from organic and locally sourced ingredients. Behind the frontlines of it all is executive chef David Seigal, who takes pride in his work at Chelsea’s Table and honors their organic pledge through his carefully crafted menu of fresh and innovative American cuisine.

Chef Seigal’s brilliance with healthy-but-delicious food stretches far beyond his kitchen nestled in Chelsea Piers. As well as his success in serving wholesome dishes at the restaurant, he also has a knack for creating easy recipes that appeal to kids, making them the perfect brown-bag option for whenever you’re looking for something new. Whether crafting a mac and cheese that is actually good for your kids or finding a way to make vegetables appealing to them, chef Seigal’s recipes will satiate your kids’ lunchtime hunger, and you can be sure to find nothing but crumbs at the bottom of their brown bag when they’re done.


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