Unusual Taste Combinations Straight from Japan


Through countless taste experiments, the scientists discovered new and unexpected flavors could be created by mixing two completely unrelated foods. These semi-recipes are currently taking the online community by storm, with thousands of people reporting blogpost verifications. Here are some of the most popular and odd food combinations developed by the foodie scientists.

1. Cucumber + Honey = Melon

Photo by Luna Zhang

Cut the cucumber into bite-size slices and drizzle honey over them. Close your eyes and enjoy the melon-esque flavor. (Tip: the more time you allow for the honey to become absorbed by the cucumber, the more it will taste like melon.)

2. Milk + Vinegar = Yogurt

Photo by Luna Zhang

Mix half a cup of water with just a few drops of vinegar. Stir and be ready to taste the tart, creaminess of plain yogurt.

3. Tomato + Sugar = Strawberry

Photo by Luna Zhang

The tanginess of tomatoes and sweetness of sugar fuses into the flavor of fresh strawberries. Like the melon, the longer you allow for the sugar to be absorbed by the tomatoes, the more it will taste like strawberries.

4. Coffee + Carbonated Water = Vienna Sausage

Photo by Luna Zhang

The bitterness of the coffee and the unique texture of carbonated water combine to formulate the burnt, savory flavor of Vienna sausage. Although it seems like an odd combination, the aftertaste of the mixture will catch you by surprise.

5. Oolong Tea + Soda = Beer

Photo by Luna Zhang

By blending bitter and savory oolong tea with a plain soda like Sprite, you can create a flavor very similar to beer. Caution: only the flavor is mimicked, not the sedative, hypnotic effects.

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