Untitled’s Chris Bradley on Packing the Perfect Picnic

What to bring, what to make, and how to prepare
How to Make a Perfect Picnic

Untitled's Chris Bradley gives his tips for packing a meal for the great outdoors

Ali Rosen

Picnicking is a very unpredictable activity. Think about it — great weather is a must, foods or beverages could spoil in the heat, and it's especially easy to create a mess. Thankfully, our video producer, Ali Rosen, was able to nail down the essentials on how to prepare for the perfect picnic — well, except for the weather part, she isn’t that connected.

Rosen spoke with Chris Bradley of New York City’s Untitled on how to pack a picnic successfully.

Here are Bradley’s tips:
• Planning is key; you need the right equipment and right ingredients to start.

• Use disposable, recyclable boxes for less of a mess. 

• Prepare dishes with ingredients that are durable, like kale, oat bread, sourdough — these are things that will hold up against oily and creamy spreads and unpredictable weather.

• Dress salads once you arrive at the picnic, to avoid sogginess. 

• Sweets don’t travel well, so pack fruit! 

• Pack a box with utensils wrapped in napkins, so they’re clean and untouched when you arrive.

• When packing, put a blanket at the bottom for cushion.

• Put water bottles in the freezer for two hours prior, as an ice pack, and then pile the things that need to be the coldest closest to the frozen bottles. By the time you are picnicking, the water will be thawed and ready to drink!