The Unsung Heroes: Italian White Wines You've Never Heard Of

I've been on a bit of a get out of your comfort zone kick as of late, and at the same time I've been thinking of some Italian white wines and what great values they can be. In truth the 'Amazing White Italian Wine Values' article is yet to be written, but it's been awhile since I spoke about Italian whites in general so I went rooting around in the cellar to see what was on deck to be tasted.

To kick things off I was very excited to see a pair of Soave from Inama, one of the wines in fact that got me marveling about the under the radar gems from Italy. All too often Italy has had incredible success at killing their golden geese.  Soave's catching on? Let's make more, and more, and more, until what we're making doesn't in fact even resemble Soave and we kill the brand entirely, then let's repeat this exercise with Orvieto, Frascati, Pinot Grigio and whatever is next to tickle the consumer's fancy.

Fortunately for us the Italians are learning, and in some ways the marketplace is slow to catch up with these developments. There are fabulous white wines from Italy, often either from an unusual grape, or one we've just be trained to take for granted just waiting for savvy consumers to discover. With the lagging appreciation of these wines prices have tended to stay quite reasonable, particular if you compare these wines to wines of similar quality from regions around the globe that have managed their image more effeciently!  Let's take a look at a few of the intriguing white wines of Italy.

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Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth