'United States of Bacon' Coming to Destination America

New bacon-themed show will premiere December 30
Wikimedia Comming/ Cyclonebill


Bacon. It’s everywhere. And soon it will be featured even more on TV, on a new show called United States of Bacon, which will make its premiere on Destination America Dec. 30.

You might remember the host, Todd Fisher, from his previous gig as host of United States of Food, also on the network (which is owned by Discovery). He’s a California chef, and will be traveling the country in order to seek out the craziest, baconiest, food imaginable. "In the first episode," according to the Huffington Post, "Fisher samples a chunky peanut butter bacon cheeseburger, checks out a daily bacon happy hour, eats a garbage platter with five kinds of meat, and then has some bacon-wrapped meatloaf and bacon Cheddar apple pie." And so on (we already know that there are some ridiculous bacon products out there). The show will air at 10 p.m., presumably because food porn of this caliber might not be suitable for younger viewers.

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