United Nations Plaza

Plaza, Landmark
Market St (at Fulton St)
San Francisco, CA 94102


  • Don't pull your iPhone out at night here... It will most likely get jacked...
  • Homeless people shower in the fountain.
  • Dont feed the homeless
  • Beware of the children on their skateboards...
  • Don't feed the yipsters n hipsters please....they might grow a genuine conscious!
  • Farmer's market every Sunday!
  • The homelessness represents our delegation here...
  • Grab the Kobe Brisket Sandwich from The Rib Whip when its there!
  • Sad there's very little related to UN starting here... Just some faded country names, its logo, and brief declaration - even plaza name is nowhere to be prominently found :/
  • Always full of homeless people and drug addicts.the only enjoyable time to be here is Wednesday and Sunday before 5pm for Farmers Market,all other times this place is way too shady.
  • Adorable Friday night market with snacks AND booze.
  • The most contradictory place in the world, it is about human rights, but full of homeless :(
  • Not much to see but business people and skateboarding kids xx
  • Cool reminder of the aspirations the world had coming out of WWII. If you visit, checkout the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • They have a nice farmers market on Sundays.
  • This is where Hastings evacuates for fire drills

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