Union Station

Train Station, Historic Site, Metro
65 Front St W (btwn Bay & York St)
Toronto, ON M5J 1E6
(888) 438-6646
5:30am - 12:45am
5:30am - 12:45am
5:30am - 12:45am
5:30am - 12:45am
5:30am - 12:45am
5:30am - 12:45am
5:30am - 12:45am


  • Don't be the jerk that stands on the other side of the track listed. Doors don't always open, and everyone hates you.
  • Lost at Union Station on the way to the game? Follow the blue & white jerseys and they'll lead you to ACC, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • goin home :D
  • Quick Kindness: Hold the door open for someone today! :)
  • Its easier to get on the train when you let the people off first!! Just saying.....
  • Heading to a Leafs game? Follow all the people in blue & white jerseys. You're just minutes away from Air Canada Centre. Enjoy the game!
  • Stand between "cinnabon" and "mmmuffins" to get a good wifi signal!
  • You can plug stuff into the outlet in the ceiling by the chairs just to the left of the pretzel place. Great for charging your dying phone ;)
  • I know you're tempted, but just wait till you get home to eat.
  • Ignore all self serving tips by The National Post on Foursquare, who have hijacked this platform in the most awful way.
  • The Mcdonalds in the Bay concourse fits the definition of a sweat shop.
  • Just pretend you know where you're going.
  • Nudity is discouraged.
  • They have a PRESTO self-serve kiosk near the Tim Hortons where you can load your card instantly with debit or credit. All the PRESTO goodness, zero online-loading hassle, zero human interaction!
  • Use the washrooms on the upper level, the downstairs one near Cinnabon are really gross!
  • Standing in front of people who got to platforms before you is always a dick move, be a good person.
  • Theses an arcade across from commuters lounge!
  • If the ticket lines are long (esp @ end of month when everyone is buying a monthly pass) there is another lesser known ticket counter in the Great Hall across from the VIA train ticket counter.
  • Ever been to a Toronto Raptors game? The ACC is just steps away from where you are right now. Call 416-366-DUNK for ticket info. Hope to see you at a game real soon!
  • Is it really necessary to leave your poo on the floor beside the toilet? I mean, really.

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