Uncorked: What Makes a Wine “Good”?

Uncorked: What Makes a Wine “Good”?
From blog.ice.edu, by Institute of Culinary Education


By Richard Vayda—Director of Wine Studies


Recently, in the first session of my Introduction to Wine class at ICE, a student posed the question that plagues many new wine drinkers: “What makes a wine good or great?” The question was more than fair, considering we had spent the evening tasting a variety of wines and noting the worthy qualities of their differing characteristics. Light, heavy, young, old, dry, sweet—could they all be good? Well, the short answer is yes.

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Before delving into a more detailed look, first we have to recognize that one’s sense of taste is quite personal and subjective. Likewise, context—when, where and with whom we taste a wine—plays a critical role. From there, we also need to make a distinction between assessing a good wine vs. a great wine. For now, let’s take a look at a few things to examine in determining if it’s a good wine.


Read on to learn five key questions for evaluating wine.