Umami’s New Falafel Burger

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Umami’s New Falafel Burger

A plain ground-beef patty in a bun doesn’t make for much of burger any more, and the same is true of veggie burgers. Every burger deserves some style. So Umami Burger is rolling out a new non-meat burger that has all the layers of flavor that a modern burger must have.

Umami’s Falafel Burger starts with a ground-chickpea (falafel) patty, inside of which is beet-infused couscous for a flavor, texture and color contrast. On top of the patty are romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, tzatziki sauce and bright red pickled onion. All this sits on a bed of crushed avocado, and all nestled in a bun.

For now, the Falafel Burger (below) will be sold only at the Chicago/Wicker Park unit and the Williamsburg and 6th Ave. locations in New York City. But Umami says its plan is to expand from that base to other locations. This isn’t Umami’s first non-beef burger: it already menus a Black Bean Burger with a chipotle-black-bean patty, queso cotija, guacamole, pickles and cilantro.

Umami Falafel

Falafel has been a burger option for some time. But it seems to be gaining renewed interest. Boss Burger in Leeds, England, recently introduced this Falafel Burger (below) that’s topped with harissa yogurt, blackened eggplant, spinach and mayo.

Boss Burger Falafel

The Church Key in west Hollywood, Calif., created this English Pea Falafel Burger (below) with truffled tahini (sesame seed paste), tomato and parsley relish on a rye oat bun.

Church Key Falafel


Burger King’s mascot finally speaks this week…with his hands. To celebrate National American Sign Language (ASL) day on April 15, the chain will release a short film in which the King uses ASL to communicate with deaf customers, He invites them—and everyone else—to help him develop an official ASL sign for the Whopper.

Burger King ASL

“The Burger King brand is built not only on including everyone, but celebrating everyone,” Fernando Machado, the chain’s senior VP of global brand management, said in announcing the initiative. “National ASL Day felt like a perfect opportunity for the King to extend our brand mantra and engage with the ASL community on such a great day.”

Click here to see Burger King’s video for National American Sign Language day. The Burger King McLamore Foundation will make a scholarship donation that will benefit deserving students dedicating their studies to ASL language and interpretations.


Back in 2011, McDonald’s Australia promoted a new “M selections by McDonald’s” menu with the tagline, “It’s a Little Bit Fancy.” Well, it’s getting fancy again. Now added to the build-your-own choices available on the Create Your Taste menu there are a crispy chicken breast and Tasmanian Brie cheese.



Pal’s Sudden Service rarely goes fancy, but it knows what its intensely loyal customers like. The Kingsport, Tenn,-based regional burger chain’s latest LTO is a double Patty Melt: two burger patties, cheese, Thousand Island dressing, pickles and crunchy onions on a toasted bun. There’s a fun TV spot that accompanies it (see it here).

Pal's Patty Melt

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