The Ultimate Gourmet Burger Bash

Incorporate America’s favorite culinary pastime into your upcoming party

Sure, summer is nearly gone, but that doesn’t mean that those burgers that you love so much have to disappear just because the grill isn’t on and your bash is indoors. 

Deem your party a burger bash and make incorporate burgers into every aspect — from the invitations and the décor to the menu, the cocktails, and even to dessert! 

From start to finish, here’s your burger bash how-to guide: 

• Send out invitations like these to show your guests what they should expect. 

• When guests walk through the door, greet them with the ultimate burger topping — pickles! — but as a shot: picklebacks

• For appetizers, create a fry bar and have fries in different shapes, sizes, and seasonings accompanied by a plethora of dips and sauces.

• For the main event, give guests options: Do they want classic beef? How about turkey or lamb? Veggie, perhaps? If you think your guests might be interested in going a little out of the box, include more exotic options like buffalo or elk.

• To satisfy the carb lovers, create a bread basket with all the fixings: soft rolls, bagels, pretzel bread, ciabatta, etc. 

• Spread out a carving board with various cheeses and make notes as to what kind of meat each variety would go best with. 

• Condiments and toppings are a huge opportunity to expand your horizons — start out with the usual lettuce, tomato, and onion and then get crafty with artisanal toppings like fried eggs and onion strings.
• For dessert, channel your inner baker and play with fondant and frosting to create burger cupcakes, a burger cake, and even burger cookies.

• Send your pals off with bags filled with gourmet sauces and marinades that they can try at home.

Your guests will be full and fulfilled from fantastic fare — they'll be chatting about your creativity for weeks.