The Ultimate Drink Lover's Gift Guide

From a cocktail ice pick to the must-have coffee grinder, holiday gift ideas for the drink enthusiast in your life

We all like being on the receiving end of a really great, genuinely thoughtful gift — obviously.

But, there's definitely an argument to be made for being the person on the flip side of that equation. The one who paid attention when you not-so-subtly dropped hints about the item at the top of your wish list, or the one who knows your interests so well they can pick out the one gift you'll still be talking about the following holiday season. Like, say, a Japanese ice pick for your friend the cocktail nerd and craft-ice obsessive. Or a hops appreciation kit for your favorite beer geek. And for that person in your life who is serious about their morning cup of joe, the must-have deluxe coffee grinder.

In order to help you play holiday hero this season, we've compiled a collection of our favorite items for every variety of drink enthusiast. From oenophiles to hopheads and stocking-stuffers to splurge items, this has it all covered. Plus, just think: If you're the generous gifter who buys them that pricey bottle of tawny port or great bottle of scotch, chances are you'll get to enjoy it with them, too.

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