The Ultimate Course in Pickling at ICE

From by Caitlin Gunther
The Ultimate Course in Pickling at ICE


Introduction by Robert Ramsey—Director of Advanced Culinary Center
Interview by Caitlin Gunther


John Rooney, sportscaster and master of catchphrases once said, “The quickest way to become an old dog is to stop learning new tricks.” For so many cooks and chefs, that mantra rings true as we progress in our careers and strive to gain more culinary know-how. That’s why ICE established the Advanced Culinary Center—a series of continuing education classes to enable culinary professionals and aficionados to pick up new tricks in the kitchen. We’ve got a few exciting classes in store, beginning with a chance to learn pickling and fermenting from one of the most successful and innovative pickle packers in the country.

Brooklyn Brine at ICE

On October 3rd, Shamus Jones, founder and “executive briner” at Brooklyn Brine, will be at ICE to dive deep into the vats of vinegar with students in his one-day workshop, The Modern Pickle: Preservation Techniques with Shamus Jones. Shamus will guide the class through the process of making all varieties of pickles, from brined to fermented to “quick.” Students will also develop new and unexpected flavors on the spot, using herbs freshly picked from ICE’s hydroponic garden. The course will also cover processes for proper canning of pickles and the science behind it all. Attend this class and you will take away the foundational knowledge and techniques needed to produce pickles and incorporate them into your culinary repertoire. This class is open to professional and aspiring chefs, food professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone interested in discovering more about specialty food products. Shamus will also share the story of how he built his career and company from the ground up. Not only will you make pickles, you’ll also have the chance ask Shamus all of your questions about how to make it in the handmade, artisanal food business.


Read on to discover the craziest thing Shamus ever pickled and more!