UK iOS Users Travel More Than Android Users Report Claims

From by Nicolle Monico
UK iOS Users Travel More Than Android Users Report Claims

Yesterday, travel search engine Gopili released new data analyzing the travel preferences of iOS and Android users, using data from mobile searches over the past six months. The site receives 3.5 million visits per month across Europe and the data measured the number of users searching for tickets. Gopili reported that, “although iOS has less market shares than Android in the UK, its users tend to travel 40 percent more.” Yet both share the same top three destinations: London, Manchester and Birmingham. 


gopoliPhoto Credit: Gopoli

iOS users are also 17 percent more interested in venturing outside of the UK to other European countries versus Android users. Yet both prefer train travel as their primary mode of transportation, 55 percent (iOS) to 49 percent (Android). The latter was also found to be more budget conscious as they frequently opted to take public transportation and ride-sharing options. Only 31 percent of iOS users chose to ride the bus versus 38 percent of Android users.

"Forty-eight percent of our traffic comes from mobile devices, and it has become primordial for online travel actors to understand the mobile usage and behaviors of travelers," said Yann Raoul, CEO of Gopili in a statement.