U Otter Stop Inn

Karaoke, Pizza, Bar
617 Central Ave SE (SE 7th St.)
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 331-4169


  • Pretty much your most awesome dive!
  • Getting drunk and chatting with Otter regulars is one of the city's most sublime pleasures.
  • Karaoke every night! Wed nights are not crowded plus Kat (best DJ) will get your song in the rotation in no time.
  • go to the otter bar for Otter Fest October 17 at 2pm.
  • Super disrespectful and nasty to smoke in the closed entryway. I don't want to breathe your secondhand, thanks.
  • Look for Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum to be singing karaoke from time to time.
  • Karaoke every night of the week. Check the website for times. Mystery shoot for $3.50 if you need your courage spiked.
  • Overrated and overcrowded. Their karaoke selection is shit.
  • Bartender is a supreme dick. Just tossed our ids after he looked at them. At least hand it back to me you douche. You gum chewing fool. You'll lose money faster than you can make it.
  • Bartender was kind of a dick....
  • Best karaoke on Friday nights!
  • Monday and Tuesdays are pitcher nights. Best place to practice your song is the bathroom. Bartender smokes in the bar and cheats your tabs. Karaoke hosts here are awesome.
  • I love you Robin
  • Embarrassed Dr. Dre at this bar.
  • This place is under new management. And drinks are $5. A rip for such - what used to be - a great spot to hang. With prices like that it lost it's atmosphere. Move along.
  • There's a guy named Stoner, who loves to sing Born to Be Wild.
  • Voted Best Dive Bar by City Pages in 2011! They have cheap beer in plastic cups, weird stuff hanging from the walls, and awesome regulars.Basically, everything a dive bar should be
  • Happy hour from 1 pm - 7 pm and karaoke every night of the year? Hell yes.
  • Don't stop believing. Ever.
  • Seriously...separate hot and cold faucets in the bath

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