U of M Sisters Who Deliver: Easy as Pie


Meet Abby and Ellie- sisters at U of M who have taken their love of food and cooking to the next level by creating their own business: Easy as Pie.

Photo courtesy of e-zaspie.com

Launched in the beginning of October, Easy as Pie is a multifaceted operation. Through the website, you can place an order up to three days in advance for any of the baked goods on their website.  Best part?  They bring it to straight to your door.  You barely have to put on pants before you can dive into delicious baked goods. Nice.

The sisters also put up weekly blog posts on the website that focus on recipes and tips for college cooking ( i.e. cooking with no time and with a bank account that may or may not be above double digits). Ellie explains, “We aspire to raise the standards of your every day college cuisine while expanding the Michigan student’s personal cookbook.”

Photo courtesy of e-zaspie.com

Their personal favorite item on the menu? Nancy’s Chocolate Silk Pie, a family recipe that has been perfected and passed down from generation to generation. The intense chocolate center and vodka-cracked crust melt in your mouth and are perfect for any occasion.  Like now, for example.

Ellie explains that Easy as Pie is “our way of sharing homemade happiness with all those other students who miss their mama’s cooking or just want to learn how to make a cheesy, tasty, home cooked meal on a college budget.”

Photo by e-zaspie.com

Next time you want to indulge in some home made baked goods without leaving your house, raising a finger, or breaking the bank, Ellie and Abby are your girls. It’s a piece of cake… or pie.  (Don’t judge me – #puns4life).

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