Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Theme Park
Hollywood Land (at Disney California Adventure Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802


  • Don't take the service elevator... I think it's broken.
  • You must ride this!
  • Terrible hotel. Massive queue for check-in. Lift is broken and the service lift seems to only go to the twilight zone!
  • You can now access Tower from Hollywood and Bug's.
  • Don't forget to poop before you go this ride.
  • Hold on tight!
  • Grab your knees and on the drops you'll get more hang time in the air!
  • They opened the walkway! You can get to Tower of Terror by walking through 'A Bug's Land' or 'Cars Land' now.
  • Tell the cast member at the line. "show me the magic"
  • Raise your feet off the ground while elevating. It feels awesome!
  • You gotta ride this!!!!!
  • Way less terrifying if you have a Glowjito before riding.
  • look up when you go up fast its amazing ahah
  • awesome ride! :P you NEED to ride it!!!! :D!
  • Scream til you can't scream anymore. And that's how Sue C's it.
  • All the way in the back feels better(: your higher up and the drops feel better(:
  • It totally rocks if you tuck some extra seatbelt slack under your left leg and then hold your knees like in a ball. You get mega air time!
  • Once you've ridden a couple of times, plan a pose. A fellow passenger taught us to have the whole group do thriller pose, aimed at whichever wall you're closest to.
  • When waiting in line listen to the awesome music! It's all vintage. Also, how many hidden mickey's can you find?
  • In 1997 Disney made a movie based on this attraction called "Tower of Terror" starring Steve Guttenberg & Kirsten Dunst!

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