Turn Soup, Bananas Into a Keyboard

MIT inventors have created a nifty way to use up all those bananas

Well, here's one way to play with your food: MIT graduate students Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum have developed a simple invention kit called Makey Makey that can turn anything into a keyboard.

This means you can draw your own game controllers, use Play-Doh, and even use bananas, soup, noodles, and water, simply by using alligator clips and a circuit board of sorts to send keyboard messages to your computer.

"Alligator clip two objects to the MaKey MaKey board. For example, you and an apple. When you touch the apple, you make a connection, and MaKey MaKey sends the computer a keyboard message. The computer just thinks MaKey MaKey is a regular keyboard (or mouse)," the Kickstarter page explains. It's almost as awesome as making musical Jell-O. Check it out below.