Celebrities Stuffing Their Faces

Still not convinced that celebrities are just like us? Check out these pictures of celebrities gorging on pizza

Celebrities are just like us. They carry their groceries to the car, celebrate their birthdays with cake, and spend their Saturdays shopping with friends. They also don designer handbags, spend their Sunday nights at the Oscars, and have a team of hair and makeup artists on call.

Wait… maybe they aren’t just like us. After all, odds are that your boyfriend didn’t rent out the Los Angeles Staples Center so you two could watch Titanic together. And you probably can’t have your most outrageous snack requests granted, and delivered to you at a moment’s notice.

But before you start thinking that celebrities aren’t living, breathing humans, take a look at this tumblr — a compilation of photos of celebrities chowing down on pizza, ice cream, and sandwiches. Celebs Like to Eat makes even the most glamorous star seem just like you, proving once again, that even celebrities can’t look perfectly put together all the time — except George Clooney, but that’s another story.