Try This Celebrity Workout to Stay Fit Before the Holiday Season Hits


If you’re looking to burn, tone, and sculpt your body before the holidays, you’ll probably want to throw on your best Lorna Jane's or lululemons and head to Beverly Hills to Physique 57. This ballet-meets-cardio-meets-weight-training-meets-Pilates (phew, that’s a mouth full) workout has been lifting women in all the right places since 2006.

Originally launched in New York City on West 57th Street, dance enthusiast, Columbia MBA and former Wall Street professional Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi founded Physique 57 alongside Tanya Becker, one of the foremost instructors of The Lotte Berk method. Physique 57 fused techniques from Lotte Berk's fitness revelation with several forms of interval training to create a unique fitness experience. Due to its quick popularity, the company grew to open fitness centers in more NYC neighborhoods, Bridgehampton, Beverly Hills and most recently Dubai. In 2010, Physique 57 appeared as #377 on Inc. magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing private companies in America.

The Beverly Hills studio on the corner of Canon Drive operates three different class types for a mostly female clientele. The workouts range from high to low impact, focusing on muscle tone, strength, endurance, flexibility and circulation. Opening each session with light weights, the routine starts on arms and continues with an all-over body focus on core, hips, abs and butt. Speakers jam out pop tunes while instructors maintain full energy workouts that pack a punch in only 57 minutes. Their morning classes are easily accessible for those looking to get in some quick cardio before work or a busy schedule; but it’s best to reserve your spot online.

Physique 57 also offers a series of pre- and post-natal classes addressing the muscle imbalances that occur as a result of pregnancy. Co-founder Becker credits Physique 57 with her bounce back after giving birth to twins and discussed how the low-impact workouts helped several clients deal with chemotherapy while fighting cancer. "It's amazing how this class can uplift your mind and body and just make you feel normal again," said Becker.

Along with locals, many celebrity clients frequent the class including Chrissy Tiegan, Kelly Ripa, and Emmy Rossum. To make working out even easier, Fox Sportscaster and Physique 57 fan Erin Andrews, teamed up with Becker to create a “get fit quick” full-body fitness routine that will be available for download on Dec 2, 2013. Introductory Memberships are currently $110 for new clients.