Truffles Take Over Australia

Pick up tricks and savor the flavors of truffles at Australia's summertime truffle festival

A cooking class with Chef Anthony Fullarton from the 2011 Capital Country Truffle Festival.

Relish the taste of truffles at the Canberra & Capital Region Truffle Festival through July 31. Truffle talks, tastes, hunts, dinners, and wine nights are taking place throughout Australia's peak truffle season to educate participants on the accessibility of truffles.

Over 25 restaurants, cafes, vineyards, markets, and cooking schools are also offering truffle-inspired menus and culinary classes on black Perigord truffle, white truffle, and summer truffle preparation. Guests will be exposed to the tricks of truffle farming, finding, and feasting while learning about how to incorporate this haute cuisine ingredient into everyday cooking.

Truffle tasting menus include treats such as Pulp-Kitchen's crisp lamb sweetbread and truffle risotto and Mezzalira's Glenloth pheasant with local black truffle.

Chef Tom Moore, the executive chef of Knead patisserie, describes the festival as 'truffle mania' in an interview with The Daily Meal.

"Truffles are like a hidden treasure. It's mysterious, unusual, and rare. It's a unique ingredient and that's what I love about it," said Moore on the use of truffles in his cooking.

The festival's cooking demonstrations, hosted by 3seeds Cooking School, Le Tres Bon, Cooking Co-ordinates, and Chef Moore's Four Chefs Project, seek to celebrate the flavors of these truffle treasures and educate participants on how to make truffles an accessible and affordable ingredient.

"The major obstacle with truffles is their approachability. The biggest thing chefs can do for the public is showcase the simplicity of truffles and get festival goers to realize you don't have to try too hard. Even if you just infuse truffles with scrambled eggs, that'll do," said Moore.