Where to Celebrate the Super Bowl American-Style Around the World

Being abroad on Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t mean you have to miss the snaps or the snacks

Bubba’s in Shanghai knows the NFL and BBQ go hand-in-hand.

When it comes to American sporting events, there is none bigger than the Super Bowl. Aside from a couple of the usual holiday suspects, there isn’t a bigger day for eating or drinking either. But for expats and football fans around the world, the big game can be a difficult time, as finding a place to watch it, let alone celebrate it, has always been a tough task.

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Thankfully, with improvements in technology making it less cumbersome to stream broadcasts, in addition to a recent worldwide increase in NFL popularity, it is now easier than ever to catch the game. But watching the Super Bowl is about a lot more than just the on-field action. To start, a lot of fans want great American food, like burgers, hot dogs, and other barbecue bites, to go along with their great American pastime. Anyone who has traveled or lived abroad knows this can be a tall order, though. Whether you find yourself in Southeast Asia, South America, or the south of France, locating an establishment that serves authentic American cuisine can take some searching, especially if a good crowd is desired as well. After all, what fun is cheering on your favorite team if no one else is doing the same? Or worse: No one else is even present.


Fortunately, foreigners and expats alike have seized the opportunity to celebrate the Super Bowl wherever they are, by throwing and attending football parties on almost every continent — including a few that don’t even take place on land. Although there are now countless locations to choose from, some truly stand out from the crowd. For those a little homesick on Sunday, February 7 (or Monday, February 8, depending on the time zone), here are 10 places to celebrate the Super Bowl American-style around the world.