What Hot Dogs Look — and Taste — Like Around the World

We take you to 35 countries, states, and cities to find out how each place does its dogs
What Hot Dogs Look — and Taste — Like Around the World


July 14 is National Hot Dog Day in America, but the rest of the world knows a thing or two about hot dogs as well.

Summer is here, which means sun’s out, buns out. Hot dog buns, that is. Then again, even though most Americans wouldn’t dream of placing their beloved cookout and ballpark wieners in any other type of bread, this isn’t nearly as common in other places around the world. In fact, some locales shun the bun altogether!

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To explore the wide world of hot dogs, we scoured the globe for 35 different varieties — which came from countries, states, and cities from every continent (OK, maybe not Antarctica). The results were quite overwhelming: There are hot dogs on sticks, hot dogs baked right into their bread enclosures, and hot dogs diced into pieces and slices. The toppings range from tomatoes, onions, and relish to cheese, avocado, pineapple, and even potato chips — to name just a few. Of course there’s a whole lot of mustard and ketchup out there, too, but it’s not always the typical yellow variety for the former or Heinz for the latter.


If you dig delicious dogs in your life, this list will likely make you happy and hungry, and might even blow your mind once or twice. Although there’s a lot of imagination at work here, hot dogs are almost always a simple meal to prepare, so you might even get a bit of inspiration to try some versions at home. But for now, grab a stack of napkins, because we’re about to take you around the world in 35 hot dogs.