Visiting New York? Don't Miss These 10 Foods

It’s a city that never sleeps but always eats

It's a given that you ought to eat pizza in New York.

Ask a group of New Yorkers what to eat while you're there and you'll get a cacophony of enthusiastic responses that'll make you wonder why on earth people call these city folk so unfriendly. We've narrowed down this cacophony for you. Here are 10 foods you have to eat when visiting New York City.

Visiting New York? Don't Miss These 10 Foods (Slideshow)

Some responses will be expected — pizza! bagels! — and others, like pretzel croissants, not so much. We looked through our New York city page and talked to our New York-based staffers, friends, and other Big Apple locals (who would cringe at the thought of being called "Big Apple locals") to develop this list. When you visit, you won't regret checking out the culinary scenes of each of the five boroughs, for each has something unique to offer, from the ethnic foods of Queens (where you can take this food tour) to the storied fine dining establishments of New York.

While we could include at least a hundred great dining establishments on this list, we chose to go with iconic New York foods (that are very good) rather than foods industry experts consider the best of the best. For that, you can take a gander at our 30 best restaurants in New York City.

New York is a great place to travel, especially if you are gluten intolerant or traveling alone. It’s also a place where you might find many outrageous things, like a $2,300 hot dog. Lest we forget, it is the birthplace of the Cronut.

You may not be able to score a reservation at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, but you can definitely make these 10 foods a part of your New York itinerary.

Bagel and Lox (at Russ and Daughters)

New York bagels are good because of New York tap water.

Photo Modified: Flickr / John / BY-SA 4.0

New York bagels are good because of New York tap water.

They say the reason a New York bagel is so good has something to do with the New York tap water that the dough is boiled in. While restaurants around the country have found ways to “replicate” New York water, there really isn’t a thing in the world like the bagel and lox at Russ and Daughters. The shop has been open since 1914, long before the Lower East Side became one of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Black Label Burger (Minetta Tavern)

The burger at Minetta Tavern is America's best.

Photo Modified: Flickr / Daniel Zemans / CC 4.0

The burger at Minetta Tavern is America's best.


We voted the Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern the best burger in America this year. Why? “It’s the stuff of legend,” writes Kate Kolenda. “Prime dry-aged beef, sourced and aged for six to seven weeks by Pat LaFrieda, is well seasoned and cooked on a plancha with clarified butter, developing a glorious exterior. The fussed-over burger is nestled onto a sesame-studded brioche bun designed specifically for it, topped with caramelized onions, and served with pommes frites.” At $28, it doesn’t come cheap, but you’re also paying for a Mad Men-like atmosphere that is unique to New York.