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Twitter Is Going Nuts for Japan's First Ever Cat Café Train

You’ve cats to be kitten us right meow!
cat cafe

A Japanese feline charity held a cat café train service with Yoro Railway for one day only between two stations.

Passengers on the world’s first cat café train traveled through Japan’s Gifu prefecture with around 30 rescued cats and kittens thanks to the feline rescue charity Sanctuary. The rescue program was a smash hit with train riders and Twitter users who fell in love with the idea of a mobile cat café.

Tickets sold out in a single day for the train ride on the Yoro Railway between Ogaki and Ikeno stations. The café menu for the Sept. 10 event included a bento box lunch and sweets — plus all the petting and purring riders could handle.

In total, a ticket and all of its amenities came to around $27, a small price to pay for an afternoon of feline-filled fun. Even better, a portion of the ticket proceeds were donated back to Sanctuary’s cat rescue operation, which saves cats from being culled.

Twitter went nuts over the cat café train idea, and many expressed their desire to experience the ride for themselves.

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