This Travel Accessory Will Help You Finally Get Some Sleep While Flying

If you value your sleep when flying, the JetComfy Travel Pillow will absolutely change the way you snooze

JetComfy is the only travel pillow you'll ever need for flying.

Unless you’ve sprung for first or business class seats (and if so, thank you for taking the time to visit our website, your highness), falling asleep on a plane is next to impossible. Your only options are sleeping basically upright, leaning against the hard vibrating plastic walls (only if you have a window seat), borrowing the shoulder of a companion or total stranger, or resting head-down on your tray table like you’re a tuckered toddler that just finished a big meal.

Until now.

The JetComfy Travel Pillow was invented for one reason and one reason alone: helping you catch some Z’s in comfort while cruising at 35,000 feet. And despite it seeming a bit complicated at first, this travel accessory is actually quite simple, and surprisingly effective.

Upon removing the JetComfy from its packaging, you’ll notice right away how soft the pillowcase material is. I dare you to resist immediately brushing it against your face. Then just extend the metal arm, fasten the bottom piece to your armrest with the attached strap (which can also be used to strap the pillow to your luggage when on-the-go), and adjust the pillow to your desired height and angle. Again, if it sounds complicated, it isn’t. You can hook the whole thing up in about 20 seconds, which means it definitely won’t cut into your sleep time.

Ideally, we’d say a window seat would work best for the JetComfy, but its design is slim and compact enough as to not bother your seatmates even if you’re in the middle or on an aisle. And it only takes up a small fraction of the armrest!

Oh yeah, and did we mention the pillow itself is made of two-inch-thick memory foam and the micro-fiber cover is washable? That’s almost as useful as the fact that you can also buy an upgrade kit that includes two built-in, USB-rechargeable power packs and a four-in-one pen/stylus/light/pointer.

The only drawback? The JetComfy’s armrest attachment is only built for the square corners of a plane seat, and not those of most trains or busses. (It does, however, work on the chairs in The Daily Meal's conference room — trust me.) In this case, you’ll have to settle for simply using it as a super-comfortable regular pillow. Sorry for the convenience.


The JetComfy Travel Pillow is available at, retails for $49.99, and is available in both blue and grey. The optional upgrade kit is $29.99.