Your Flight Attendant Will Hate It If You Do Any Of These Things

Flying can be tough, irritating, and sometimes downright stressful. And that's just when you're a passenger. Imagine having to be crowded in with strangers in an enclosed space nearly every day as part of your job. Flight attendants usually go to great lengths for their passengers, often at their own expense — such as when one fell out of an airplane while preparing passengers' meals. While most flight attendants do love flying and traveling, like any other job involving a lot of customer service, their day can really depend on who, or what, they're dealing with. And if they don't like who they're dealing with, it can definitely affect how well they do their job or how willing they are to be helpful.

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While we're sure most flight attendants wouldn't do anything malicious such as pour wine on your wedding dress, they are people. And people are far more likely to go out of their way for you, enthusiastically so, if you're a kind and considerate customer. So make sure that you stay on your cabin crew's good side and avoid doing any of these things that will make your flight attendant hate you.