Strategies for Coping with Family During Thanksgiving

Because we all fear those dreaded questions every time Turkey Day rolls around

As much as we love Thanksgiving, and as much as we may love our families, we know one thing for certain: sometimes Thanksgiving can be a little, uh, too much family time. Here are our suggestions for dealing with the pressure:

Stay busy in the kitchen so people only ask you about what you’re cooking.



Fine, if they go there, just make up a significant other (and have a pic readily available on your phone) to keep the love-life questions at bay.

More wine.

Shucks, Mom forgot to buy that super necessary can of beets? Volunteer to run the errands, and when you come back a hero make sure you tell everyone you had to go to the ends of the earth to help make this meal possible. They don’t have to know that you did a few laps around the block listening to one last song on the radio.

When dinner come out, don’t stop eating. The fuller your mouth is, the less you’re able to answer any unwanted questions.

If that doesn't work then again, more wine.

More and more and more wine.